Privacy Policy

Make Things Positive Privacy Policy

Make Things Positive is aware about the privacy of your personal information and we respect your right on it. To confer such problem, we guarantee the protection of your personal information you have shared with Make Things Positive with an assurance that the personal data will be considered as truly confidential and known only to two parties: you and Make Things Positive. By dragging your cursing down you will find out how your personal credentials are being treated as you use our site and other resources. Personal information entitled to your name, street, e-mail addresses, billing information, click through activity, and other personal data that you might provide to our website. The pattern of this policy might get changed eventually, so make sure you keep on check with the terms and conditions of this policy every now and then.

Traffic Data

Each time when you pay a visit to Make Things Positive, the servers, as commonly practiced on web, asked for some basic technical information regarding visitor’s domain name, referral data, and browser type.
Make Things Positive keeps an ongoing and active track of general traffic flow; how traffic flows within the site and where the traffic comes from in Makes Things Positive.

Use Of Cookies

A cookie represents tiny amount of data that is stored in your computer’s hard drive when sent from Web server to your browser. Cookies act as a way to deliver advertisements, to keep track of unique browsers and usages throughout our site. Make Things Positive collects data related to readership and site usage through cookies and makes them identifiable as general reports.


Make Things Positive prestigious members share their personal information such as name and e-mail address with our website. Make Things Positive maintains the confidentiality of the personal information and does not believe in the reuse, resell, and redistribution of the information anyway.